Why video is crucial to engagement

The use of video advertising is becoming increasingly more significant as time goes on. We are a society with ‘square eyes’ with a study conducted in 2016 showing that on average, a person in the UK spends 66 hours per month browsing on a smart phone.

With this increase in peoples ‘need’ for technology and their time spent engaging with mobile marketing, it makes sense that more and more companies are seeing the significance of video advertising. The number of websites that are now incorporating video on their sites is ever expanding, with the potential in this genre being huge.

There are a number of reasons why videos are engaging to an audience. There is something about video that is inherently engaging, more than likely being due to the fact that people respond to active communication, and video can include both sound and visual stimuli. This ensures the advertising is appealing to the viewer and becomes a more personable form of information giving. Using video also provides potential for increased creativity and an element of storytelling which acts as a more interactive form of ‘getting the point across’.

Video can also be linked to any number of social media platforms, and therefore has vast ‘shareability’. When using platforms such as YouTube for sharing video, the possible advertising reach is massive, with more than one billion users per month accessing the site hence potentially being receptive to video advertising.

70% of marketing professionals have been reported to believe that video marketing converts better to the public than any other form of media. This may have something to do with the fact that with written advertising that is trying to get across just as much information as a video would, but there needs to be a larger degree of explanation. Whereas, videos can incorporate the spoken word, written text and helpful visuals in order to provide a clear and more concise idea of what the company is trying to share with the viewer.

Hopefully, although somewhat brief, you now have a better idea as to why video is crucial to engaging an audience. There are various reasons that video acts as an effective advertising tool, but don’t just take our word for it, we’ll leave you with the facts. A recent study has shown that the average internet user spends 88% more time on a website that has video on it, than those without.