Watching behavior is changing. Be on the lookout

The behaviour of people using the internet is ever changing. It is becoming more widely known that within marketing, video is becoming one of the most powerful tools that companies can use when advertising and gaining greater SEO. But this is only due to fact that it reflects what the average internet user wants. Techniques change and develop around the customer and finding ‘what works’ in terms of viewer popularity. It is for this reason that video has become so popular, but the question is why?

There is no doubt that on almost any website or app that you use today, there will be some form of video present or the use of video advertising. The progression is evident, and is becoming widely accepted, but what is it that caused a change in people’s behaviour?

Well, it may not be so much that the behaviour itself has changed, rather the technology enabling the behaviour. What I mean by this is that when humans are given an opportunity to preserve energy and save time, we are inherently programmed to seek the ‘lazy’ option. This is in relation to anything, but also applies to the way we receive information. As developments in technology are providing us with more ways to easily access information, it is becoming less necessary to give our brains much exercise, so we are less inclined to use our brain power  when given the option.

Reading static text is active and takes more cognitive functioning than watching video does, and requires a greater attention span. As a result, videos are much easier to take in, with the brain being able to process video 60,000 times quicker than text. This means that video content is seen to be much more desirable to passive site visitors than written text is.

Peoples’ active engagement with video is dependant to some extent on how individuals’ best obtain information, but on the whole people have been found to be much more likely to contact a company or buy a product if they have watched a visual relating to the product, rather than if they had read about it. This may be due to the fact that people want to treated specially, and seen as an individual. As video is seen as being more personable, it may be this that has an impact on the overall affect. Video is also favourable to those in the marketing industry as it is seen as a way of ‘doing more with less’. A greater amount of information can be conveyed in a clear and concise way through video than it can be on a written platform. Practically speaking videos have also become much more convenient to the viewer than they ever have been, with developments in all forms of device meaning that video can be easily accessed, watched and downloaded without any hassle.