Video is increasing SEO

The friendly folk here at Elevator are always striving to take your business to the next level. We aim to provide you with the best tools to do this, and using video as a form of SEO is a truly great way of doing so. Before we can help you develop your SEO, we better explain what exactly the acronym means!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is the process of combining both creative and technical elements to help improve awareness of your site, online rankings and intends to drive internet traffic to your site rather than your competitors. But how is this achieved you may be asking yourself? SEO is achieved by using key words and phrases that provide key information about your company, establishing links on other sites which will draw traffic in, and wording your site in a specific way that improves site listing.

Featuring highly on a search engine is important as the search engines themselves provide targeted options based on key information. The internet is becoming increasingly popular and therefore it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. If your site features highly and gains targeted traffic, it results in more publicity, revenue and exposure for your business.

Due to the competitive nature of SEO it is super important that your company is as individual and engaging as possible in order to be most successful. Video is a great way of doing this as the links alone are not enough but having high quality and interactive content that will naturally attract links over time will increase the quality and quantity of traffic.

Embedding videos on your sites ‘landing page’ keeps visitors interested, increases the length of time they spend on the site and in turn increases conversion. As well as having access to videos on your site, they can also be placed on video hosting sites such as YouTube which is incredibly valuable to gaining views as well as building links and allowing you to ‘link back’ to your own webpage.

Videos are an incredibly rich media tool to use as they inject a large base of information into the site at once. Even just in the mark up of a video, the content included provides, title, description, transcript, thumbnail and URL information which provide links to the site increasing the companies’ SEO.

Many companies fail to optimize the use of video as a form of marketing media, and don’t view it as being as significant to SEO as it can be. It is for this reason that video becomes so rich in potential for drawing potential customers to your site, as when used correctly (which is where we come in!) video links may just be the missing piece that sets your business apart from the rest.