How to make a perfect scene?

What makes a good video?

There are some key elements that should be included in any video in order for it to really work as successfully as it possibly can be. Of course, with each video, the circumstances and aims will vary to a certain extent and the need for some aspects will overtake others but this can be tweaked accordingly.

In the case of all videos, it is crucial to set goals and really focus on the question ‘what is the point of this, what am I aiming to achieve?’ Videos are incredibly effective at providing information and creating a presence, but it is the first few seconds of video that are most important and therefore if the message is not clear from the outset, the impact will be lost. The most successful videos are kept brief, but clearly portray a specific message and highlight what makes their company unique from any other.

One key aspect to keep in mind is the audience. People love to be taken on a journey and be entertained. Whether the company itself or the product is particularly entertaining or not should not matter, if the video is successful it should be engaging regardless of topic, and make a strong and memorable connection with the viewer. To do this, the video must be cleverly executed and creative, providing information to the viewer without ‘shoving it in their face’.

A key point to bear in mind when creating the perfect video, is CTA. This stands for ‘call to action’, and is concerned with opening initial channels of communication for the customer. It is not enough to simply tell the viewer about how great your company or product is, you must also encourage action on their part. Not only do you want them to be a viewer of the video, but you also want them to be converted to being a buying customer, hence the importance of allowing people to access you in as many places as possible for more information.

Keep these factors in mind and you should be on your way to creating a really cohesive and persuasive video which will be viewed by the masses!