How to increase sales with video?

The team here at Elevator know just how important customers are to you and your business. We understand the value of ensuring potential buyers are informed of all the facts, allowing them to make an informed purchase and come away feeling 100% happy.

In order to be most successful in the art of sales, a company must be savvy. As well as using the more common marketing tools to advertise your business, it makes sense to also incorporate video advertising as demand for this type of media is increasing, and is seen to be incredibly effective when put into practice.

So why use video advertising to advertise your company?

In terms of increasing sales, the focus must be placed on the customer. The most effective forms of advertising therefore consider the nature of the customer and appeal to their needs. When making a choice regarding what to buy or which business to go for, people often take a personal approach. Customers are more likely to choose a company or product that has been personally recommended, or that they have heard about through word of mouth, especially when the decision may be a tough one to make.

The use of video plays to these customer traits, and creates a more interactive and personable approach to advertising. Using film allows for a more directly personal introduction to the company, as well as offering the potential to convey emotion and body language. Using film from employees themselves or even animation of people provides the viewer with a more compelling and valuable interaction. Use of intonation and results in higher audience engagement, increasing the likelihood the customer will remember your company.

Potential buyers are always striving to access as much information as quickly and easily as possible. People like to experience and ‘see things for themselves’ and video provides the customer with the first direct opportunity to do so.  The use of video is strong as a form of information giving as due to the interactive nature, customers are encouraged to feel there is a more human element to the company, allowing them to feel like there is a person on the other side of the screen.

Videos can be used within your company in a number of ways. Videos may act as an initial introduction of the company, building awareness of the key elements to your business, but can provide various insights into the company and products. Videos may include testimonials from previous customers and other professionals and experts in the field, increasing reliability, ‘How-to’ videos, product demonstrations and much more. These kinds of videos provide the viewer with a sneak peek at the product or your company, letting them see products and the business in a more natural environment. Not only this, but they can also demonstrate how quick and easy a product is to use, and how effective it is in a real life setting. This helps eliminate many questions customers may initially have about the products and reduces the need for troubleshooting.

After viewing a video, customers often feel that they have then had an initial interaction with the company, which can then be built on as an easy line of communication has been made available.  Videos are also viewable in a number of destinations online, so using video can not only provide your website with more engaging media, but also be accessed and found in other sites, allowing your company an opportunity to sell itself to customers that didn’t even know they needed you.